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So, last night (31 January 2010) I attended my high school class' 25th reunion.  Wow, who'd have thought it was 25 years already?  Not me, certainly.  But see previous entries on my state of denial regarding my age.

No denying, it was nice to see folks again, even if some people I wanted to see didn't make it.  You start to remember how well—or not well—you knew or remembered people from back then, and what people were like, and how they've changed.  I discovered I still tended to wind up standing by myself when everyone else was chatting in groups... but not as frequently, and not for as long, and not as awkwardly.  And even discussed that fact with one or two people there.

Kind of pleased to discover one classmate of mine (Hi, Mimi, if you're reading this!) had googled me and read my website already.  It's nice to get stalked a little now and then.

Naturally, it seemed like everyone was so much more successful than I am, but a good part of that is just my usual self-deprecation.  Someone did remark that it sounded like I was still having trouble deciding what I wanted to be when I grew up, which actually is not a bad description.  I expected rather more business networking there (it's probably better that there wasn't); still, it'll be nice to keep in touch with a few more of these folks.  Guess that means I'll have to peek into Facebook a little more frequently.

Also was reminded once more of the feeling that I really need to write more.  At least two of my classmates (one of whom was present) are quite well-known writers.  I wouldn't think of approaching their level of renown, but I have to have enough stuff to be worth setting down for posterity.

OK, enough wallowing.  I'm allowed a maudlin blog post like everyone else now and then.

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