May 15th, 2016

Left Eye


Well, here we are again, several years(!) after my most recent post.  You'd think I had nothing to say, but on the contrary, I have an awful lot I should be writing about but never do.  And I'm not going to today, that's not what this post is for.

It's a big weekend for me.  Friday was my last day at Choice Logistics, where I worked for over four years.  Met some great people there, did some awesome things.  Time to move on.

Today I turn forty-eight years old.  OK, maybe not an "important" number in the ending-in-zero sense (it does end in zero in hexadecimal, though), but still a milestone in its way.  I seem to recall that I spent my 30th birthday also at the end of a job, clearing out my office from The College of New Jersey, where I had been lecturing for a year.  Maybe there's something fitting about it.

Spent much of today at the Steampunk World's Fair, which takes place so ridiculously close to my house I have no excuse not to visit it, even though President Obama was in town to speak at the Rutgers commencement, inconveniently scheduled for the same day and on the way to the Fair.  Went with family and a good friend and kids; was a nice day, bought an outfit so I don't look out-of-place at future ones.  Ran into some other friends I had not seen in a while.  A good time.

And tomorrow, things start up anew, all over again: I start at a new job (at 1010data in New York), have to see what the new place holds in store for me.  I know some people there already, and just the job interview was a great experience (I remember thinking during the interview, "even if I don't get a job here, I should stay in touch with these people...")  So, yes, nervous about starting something new, I get to go through my imposter syndrome all over again... but it will be good, and I'll grow, I think.

Someday I'll make good on those promises to myself to write more, either here or elsewhere (probably at least starting here).  Maybe new people at new job will spur me on to do more in that regard.  Went on Facebook and LinkedIn for the first time in ages, so as to update my employment information.  Thanks to everyone who posted birthday wishes on my wall!

So, yes, just a "this is my life" post, no great outpouring of trivia and odd information like you might expect from me.  Such things are part of my life... but I guess the rest of it is too.
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